Thomas Maxon

Crypto-Fascist Elected In Italy

From the recent elections in Italy, it seems that crypto-fascist Giorgia Meloni has taken power as the new Prime Minister of Italy. Representing the Brothers of Italy, a successor to the Italian neo-Fascist National Alliance which itself is a successor of the Italian Social Movement which itself is a successor …

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Cloudflare blocks access to Kiwifarms

So, as covered in this publication prior, twice in fact, it seems that the communist transvestites have succeeded in their goal to get Cloudflare, the registrar and DDoS protection provider for Kiwifarms, to block visitor access to Kiwifarms’s .net domain that was with Cloudflare. extension of Kiwifarms is still …

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Gay Mexican Men Angry That Monkeypox Ruined Their Summer

According to NBC News, gay men (mostly mexicans interviewed) are angry and upset because monkeypox, a smallpox-like disease, has ruined their summer. Citing that they can no longer have constant, non-stop gay sex anymore and complaining how the US Government isn’t making smallpox vaccines (the vaccine that prevents getting monkeypox) …

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