Ryan Arthur

Antifa Doxer Files: Colorado Springs Antifa

When an antifa member is doxed, they are, without fail, always revealed to be total fuck-ups. Genetic rejects who can only find companionship among the sickest of the sick and the most degenerate of the degenerate: antifa members. A recent doxing has, of course, continued to prove this eternal truth. …

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Nazi Hating Antifa Journalist Dying And Nearly Homeless

In a classic case of a scumbag’s actions finally catching up to him, Atomwaffen Division-hating journalist Nate Thayer is now, according to a recent post on GoFundMe,“facing critical health issues and possible homelessness”. This loser spent a bizarre amount of time obsessing over the largely irrelevant and normal personal information …

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Undercover FBI Agent Exposed

The gross incompetence of the federal government has enabled us to expose yet another system pig who was involved in the arrests of multiple Atomwaffen members. Through carelessness, an unredacted document was posted regarding the appeals process of Kaleb Cole.  Full Court Document Made For Download Here This document revealed …

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