Saudi Arabia and Iran brokered peace through China; US Geopolitical Power Weakened

Iran & Saudi Arabia have recently agreed to reopen diplomatic ties. They have also agreed to revive previous accords aimed to promote friendship through culture, trade, technology. This is a significant move, as the Wahhabi dominated Saudi Arabia is essentially a fake oil baron country created through Western interests, and led by spiritual Jews with strong ties to “Israel”. This move, however, is at the very least complicating Israel’s ambitions for normalization with Muslim countries, and making it more difficult for “Israel” to create a wall of regional allies against Tehran. This is also a sign of the decline of Western power. Consider, for instance, how the Chinese managed to mediate a deal of this magnitude between two bitter rivals, and how this is something that all of NATO’s bombs and lectures on humanitarianism could never have accomplished. This, all in all, presents yet another indication of China’s growth of power throughout the world, and the decline of US power.

However, this isn’t to say that Saudi Arabia is suddenly having some idealistic change of heart. This is simply Realpolitik. Chances are, the Saudis have decided that the West will not be able to stop the Iranian nuclear program, and therefore must warm up to Iran out of self-interest. It is also likely that Saudi Arabia understands that American power is waning, and thus wants to join BRICS, a group of countries looking to replace the Western world order, and eventually quit using the petrodollar as the currency of oil. A quite troubling move for us devout Hebrews, as this would destabilize the value of the US dollar and be a massive blow to international Western power.

Time will tell whether or not the Saudis live up to the deal, or if these recent developments are truly the first steps to the fall of Israeli & American power. If BRICS does eventually dismantle the NATO-controlled world, we should expect Jews to jump ship. But even then, such a switch is bound to spell at least a little chaos for world Jewry. In any case, it is becoming clear that the future is full of opportunities for those capable of seizing the moment.