Georgia to Curb Foreign Influence

The Georgian government has recently voted to create a registry of all corporations and media receiving financial support from foreign entities. What sounds like a common sense law aimed to prohibit the subversion of a relatively tiny nation, is supposedly a “human rights violation” and grounds for economic sanctions from the US. Thousands of pro-EU Georgians have been out protesting the decision, which would bar Georgia’s entrance into the EU as anti-foreign agent legislation directly violates EU law.

Let us appreciate this moment; the Georgian government just began to push what is basically an anti-subversion bill, and Liberals start screeching that this will be the end of Democracy. Quite understandable, as one of the foremost tools of Western Democracy is to subvert nations by funding pro-West media outlets, citing “free speech” laws whenever they are suppressed.

That said, we should consider Georgia’s acceptance of anti-foreign agent laws as an experiment to see how much a simple law in a Democratic nation will actually eliminate subversion, and how the world reacts when a tiny country employs a basic measure to cut away the parasites trying to manipulate it.