White Neighborhood in Atlanta to Secede from the City of Atlanta

The White neighborhood of Buckhead in Atlanta is moving to secede from the city of Atlanta citing issues of racial and economic problems between the city of Atlanta and the neighborhood of Buckhead. The city of Atlanta is freaking out over this attempt at secession by Buckhead as they use the community as a tax source as most of Atlanta is a negative in terms of cost to tax revenue due to the city’s high negro population.

Not having Whites foot the bill for the city’s negro population is causing panic in Atlanta’s city government. Many, mostly Georgia Democrats, desperately trying to block Buckhead’s secession from Atlanta as Atlanta is quickly becoming a hub for many negro individuals from the northern US states to move to. Therefore more voters for the Georgia Democratic Party.

Without White tax revenue from Buckhead going to the city of Atlanta, Atlanta’s services risk collapse or severe cuts. Which many of the city’s negro population would not be happy with. Leading to political chaos for many Georgia Democrats.

Buckhead is just a sign of the general feeling among many Whites in the US. Dissatisfied with being exploited for the sake of non-Whites. Desire for peaceful racial separation will follow, however, this won’t be allowed by the system and will be cracked down upon if it becomes too much of a problem. Leading to more violent outbursts by dissatisfied Whites.