A New Choo-Choo Boo-Boo But It’s Okay Because It Actually Happens Kind of Often

Another train has derailed outside of Detroit. As tempting as it may be to attribute this to a sabotage campaign from unnamed antagonists, chances are these derailments are just a consequence of crumbling US infrastructure. Thousands of derailments happen every year, so there is a valid possibility that people are only now focusing on derailments after the incident in East Palestine put a spotlight on the issue.

Furthermore, these derailments more or less prove the concerns of rail workers who almost went on strike last year to protest rail companies not giving raises despite record profits, the layoff of 30,000 rail workers, and subsequently poor safety standards and bad working conditions. A rail strike would massively cripple the US economy, so its no wonder why the government would prefer that we speculate over UFOs in the sky, than the issues that face us here on Earth. Can’t have shit in Detroit.