Elementary Schoolers Forced to Say “Black Lives Matter”

Police were called to Kenwood Elementary when niglets forced white kids to say “black lives matter” on the playground. Anyone who tried to get out of this compulsory profession of white guilt was “chased down and escorted, dragged, or carried to the playground,” according to the police report. The school staff was evidently either absent or uselessly indecisive during this incident, providing yet another oustanding reason why anyone should trust American public education with their kids, rather than homeschooling them in an environment free of such social disease.

Even nigger children are clearly deeply engrained with their own racial consciousness, but white kids aren’t. If they were, they would have fought back. The silver lining is, however, that this incident has likely shattered the universalist ideal preached to these elementary schoolers. Although the racial quality and instinct of these children is bound to vary, this incident will likely be the start of a racial instinct that grows within as they age.