Ohio Town Turns into Chernobyl 2.0

On February 3rd, a train carrying toxic chemicals derailed in East Palestine, Ohio, causing a fire and an evacuation lasting for several days. The government claims that they burned off these hazardous chemicals in a controlled burn to prevent an explosion, but also that water and air quality is supposedly just dandy. Residents, however, are making reports of dead animals and fish, headaches, children’s eyes turning red, coughing, general sickness, and that the air reeks of a mixture of nail polish remover and burning tires.

On top of this, one reporter has been arrested for “criminal trespass” for doing a live report during a conference wherein Ohio Governor DeWine announced that the residents of East Palestine could return home, despite there being a room full of other journalists present. This is an eloquent example of how System law enforcement will spastically strike at any perceived dissidence during crisis. In the future, we may expect the System to use more of such unwarranted force as a way to set an example, for the sake of maintaining its control.