6 Antifa Arrested In Violent Riot In Atlanta; Only One Of Them Is A Cute Girl And The Rest Are Ugly With Two Of Them Being Jews

The one on the top right corner is the cute one. The bottom right and bottom left are mixed mutts; the middle ones are most likely kikes; and the one on the top left corner is okay-looking but most likely a drug addict of some kind. So these lovely individuals got arrested during a riot in Atlanta on the 22nd of January over the arrest of several individuals who were occupying a forest that was going to be torn down and made into a police academy near Atlanta.

Not much in this riot was damaged, however, besides some local businesses, a Wells Fargo bank, and a police car that was set on fire. More leftist violence is expected to continue over the previous arrests and might increase with these arrests.

One thing we know for certain, however, is that the girl on the top right should contact us for a date sometime so we can “fix” her out of her leftist ways. The rest of them can go overdose on fentanyl for all we care, however.

We’ll keep an eye on this situation when we return to our regular schedule on this news website, which should be soon if everything goes as planned.