London Police Officer Found To Be Prolific Serial Rapist Of Young White Women; Forced Victims To Clean His House Too

London’s pig police force isn’t sending its best when combating evil Nazi racists. Officer David Carrick, a London police officer, was recently convicted of dozens of sexual assault-related charges over the course of 18 years. Officer Carrick used his position as a police officer to rape untold numbers of White women and then bring them to his house and force them to clean it while naked.

Well, it seems he wanted to multitask between being a violent sex pest and also saving money on a maid service. How this guy continued on for 18 solid years is beyond us considering the British pigs will arrest you within hours for posting words like “Kike” and “Nigger” online, but I guess a serial rapist and kidnapper can get away with it for 18 years.

In fact, the UK government in general doesn’t seem to care about the serial rape of White girls, infamously ignoring cases of non-White migrants raping young White women for political and racial reasons. Absolutely pathetic.

The UK is currently in such a state. This is the general state of the Western White World.

Hopefully, one day, this rotten society will be overthrown and replaced by a better one.