Desperate Lonely People Paying $70 Per Year To Have An AI Romantic Partner

The state of the world we live in is so dismal that many – millions even – are willing to form relationships with AI chatbots, even romantic relationships. In this particular instance with the AI chatbot known as Replika, some people are paying $70 per year to speak with this program as if it is a real person they are in a real relationship with.

It is very sad to think that people are actually resorting to things like this and is just another example of the decay that is endemic of this modern world. Just think about that for a moment, there are people out there who would rather “date” an AI chatbot either because their prospective partners are very lame, or they themselves are incredibly lame and non-attractive to anyone. All of this a result of various factors including but not limited to alienation and despair caused by Neo-Liberal Capitalism and the consequences of the Sexual Revolution in the 1960s.

While AI chatbots and weirdos are nothing new, this story has come to light recently after VICE did a story about a number of people complaining that the Replika AI chatbot has been threatening rape and sexual assault and extortion on a number of clients using the product, which is hilarious in its own right. We will see much more of this as society continues to spiral downward and technological “advancement” increases, two things together create “man-made horrors beyond comprehension” to paraphrase Nikola Tesla.

In the end, these things are a good thing. While various tech kikes make their money increasing alienation and despair with these things, it will only increase revolutionary activity as a consequence. More is yet to come as the system makes its own problems worse to make a quick dollar.