Gas Stoves To Be Banned By Biden

As winter comes to a close the Biden administration is seeking new ways to put pressure on the already collapsing electrical grid, which for many is a saving grace as we can’t always rely on junkies chasing their next fix causing issues. Thankfully, we’re ridin’ with Biden on this one! The incompetence of the system knows no bounds!

We welcome any decision that will help punish the lemmings who support this rotten system in anyway possible. It is the future they chose after all. So they deserve what they get. In this case, having the government tell them they can’t own gas stoves anymore.

We can only hope that the reduction of individual use of gas does not increase the systems ability to generate electricity. Either way we can foresee entering a period in the very near future of South African styled brown outs and potentially black outs as we begin to warm and air conditioners go on in the south.

That is, if their smart meters (wholly controlled by third parties) will let them turn their air conditioners on. If fact we need only look to Europe to see how a combination of IOT and smart metering prevented the use of electrical heating in many homes this winter.

Or perhaps we look at the prevention of thermostat control domestically.

One might even go so far as to say, installing these new stoves will be default give those third parties the ability to control when you can cook with them. If you’ve ever installed and fused a stove, oven or cook top you would understand how common that is. For many homes the parallel wiring for an induction cooktop is unsupported and requires a new line, for existing lines they are fused separately. Perfectly set up for smart metering to deny such a service.

The energy war rages on with no end in sight, be sure to have your supplies, redundancy plans and multiple viable options to keep yourself functional

No one is coming to save you.

Link to Europe heating issue