Brazilian Government Buildings Stormed (With Insight From A National Socialist Brazilian Exclusive); Brazilian Power Grid Attacked

On January 8th 2023, a massive group of people stormed the Brazilian Congress and Supreme Court in an act that got more than 400 people arrested. These people were mostly supporters of former President Jair Bolsonaro and people who were protesting against the current President Lula and his party (the PT).
On that same day, President Lula declared federal intervention on the Federal District until January 31st and called all the protesters “nazis, fascists and stalinists”, while calling Bolsonaro a genocidal. He later corrected himself saying that the protesters were not stalinists, but only “radical nazis and fascists”.

Supreme Court minister Alexandre de Moraes ordered that the camping points near the Brasília General Headquarter should be dismantled within 24 hours and retired the Governor of Brasília, Ibaneis Rocha Barros Junior, for 90 days. All the people who were in the HQ and in the Esplanade were arrested, even those who did not participate in any riots or committed any acts of vandalism.

Former Pesident Jair Bolsonaro condemned the riots on his Twitter account and said that manifestations should be peaceful. He’s currently at a hospital in Orlando, Florida and has supposedly said that he will anticipate his return to Brazil, which was scheduled to January 30th/31st. If he returns to the country, there is a high chance that the current Government will put him in jail.

To this day, approximately 2.000 people have been arrested and sent to a type of improvised concentration camp in Brasília. At least two people are confirmed to have died there. Elderly people and children have been released in between the night of January 9th and morning of January 10th, but the people who are still there claim that there is few food and water.

Many people are saying that there is a possibility of a civil war or some type of conflict happening in Brazil soon. The embassies of Russia, China and the US have warned their citizens that are here to protect themselves and walk safely on the streets. Six countries of left-wing leadership have offered to send their troops to help the current Government.

If Bolsonaro goes to jail or dies/is killed, the situation will get much more complicated than it already is for us Brazilians. This and the prison of thousands of people in what seems to be concentration camps is an extremely worrying, tense and serious setting the Brazilian right and people in general, especially all of those who oppose the current Government.

Brazilian Power Grid Attacked During Riots Creating An Already Tense Situation Worse