Hell Is Burning A Little Hotter Tonight: The Sad Pathetic Life Of Nate Thayer

Nathaniel Talbott Thayer was not what he appeared to be. He presented himself as an anti-authority, anti-system, hard-hitting gonzo journalist. In reality, like so many other journalists, he was a scion of a family that truly embraced the pig system.

His father, Harry Thayer, was a Yale graduate, a Newsweek journalist, and a long-time apparatchik of the US State Department. In other words, Harry Thayer was a true System Pig, and his son Nate benefited greatly from this pig connection. Nate Thayer had a privileged upbringing as a son of the east coast establishment, and this culminated in a stint at the prestigious University of Massachusetts. Like many young baby boomers, his natural desire to rebel was subverted – rather than rebelling against things that the system was opposed to, he spent his days protesting nuclear power plants, a true waste of time.

After he flunked out of school, Nate’s father Harry took pity on the young man, giving him an easy government job. Nate also failed at this. After this, Nate took on his lifelong profession, a job held by many burned-out former “radicals” – he became a journalist. Even in his journalistic career, Nate was still under his father’s wing – he was in Harry Thayer’s old State Department stomping grounds, Southeast Asia.

After a few years of irrelevance, covering unimportant Southeast Asian guerilla movements, Nate got his big break – an interview with the dying, decrepit former Cambodian dictator, Pol Pot. This, however, was also clearly a disappointment. Despite the 15 minutes of fame that he garnered due to this interview, Thayer’s interview with Pol Pot was simply uninteresting. There were no real revelations, just a dying man defending himself and justifying his actions.

Nate’s career took a nose-dive after this. He was unable to parlay the headlines into a real career, though of course he later claimed that he “refused to work for a major network”. This is, of course, doubtful. He also spent years in court suing ABC News after they supposedly misused his Pol Pot footage, after they allegedly verbally agreed that they would not air it on anything other than their Nightline program. This lawsuit went nowhere. And, while you’d think that this would have damaged Nate’s faith in the system, it clearly did not.

But, before we tell you about his anti-NS activities, we need to discuss his perverse nature. Based on an overwhelming amount of evidence, we believe that Nate Thayer was a zoophile and a bestiality enthusiast. Now, this seems like an outlandish claim – you, of course, want to see some evidence to back this up. We shall, of course, provide this for you. For reference, the “Lamont” mentioned in these quotes is Nate Thayer’s pet dog. Lamont was found in a trash dump in Mexico. We present Thayer’s quotes, for your consideration:

“Lamont, since when did this relationship morph from a partnership based on mutual respect and shared goo goo eyes to me being your unpaid butt boy and all around man servant?”

“Me and Lamont are on a romantic ice-cream date. We are a team. We do everything together,” I said while feeding Lamont more generous spoonfuls of Oreo cookie ice cream. “We love each other.”

The two gals smiled a sincere smile. “I think you are the lucky dog,” the other said.

“Yep” I said. “I am a very lucky dog.”

“Well, you two enjoy your date,” said the other, who winked at Lamont as they strolled hand in hand on their way to somewhere else.

“Thanks!” I said.

And Lamont barked a happy bark and after a few more smooches and spoonfuls of ice cream, we continued on to the beach to swim and play catch with a tennis ball. Lamont and I are two peas in a pod, two friends for life, two boys in love and both of us glad we aren’t teenagers anymore…..”

“My Boyfriend, Lamont:
Lamont, you are a boy. And you are my best pal. And I am a boy and I am your best pal. We do everything together. We love each other. We play all day long. And we make goo goo eyes at each other and don’t care who is looking. And we canoodle all the time. And you get grumpy with me and I get grumpy with you and neither of us hold grudges. And we smooch a lot. And we sleep together. And neither of us cares when we see the other buck naked. We love each other unconditionally despite our substantial faults. And we cuddle up every night and we smooch first thing when we awake in the morning every day. We are two peas in a pod. So, busted! Outed! You are my boyfriend and I am your boyfriend. That is just the way it is….”

“Lamont and I have come to an agreement: “You cut down on thinking with your tummy and I’ll cut down on thinking with my dick. After all, being as close to an Old Gay Couple as two boys in love can be, I am confident that the frontal lobes, north of your stomach and my penis, have taken control….”“The good news, buddy, is the remainder of your dog cock structures, including your prostate, urethra, penis, bulbis glandis, testicular blood vessels and spermatic ducts will be intact. Basically, that stuff that produces sperm and testosterone—vamoose! History! Sliced off of your incredibly cute but ridiculous looking self.”

“So, a couple of years ago, this happened: I had a girlfriend. And we were doing what GF’s and BF’s do in bed at oh dark thirty. And, at the height of passion, as it were, I called out my best friend, my dog, Lamont’s name: “Oh! Lamont!””

Nate and Lamont/Two boys in love/Forever and ever/Like the earth/Needs the sun

As sure as God made little green apples/Nate and Lamont/As right as rain/Nate and Lamont

Two peas in a pod/Two boys in love/For life”

You’ve probably seen enough. And, there is much, much more where that came from. We just don’t want to overwhelm you – most people have not been exposed to this level of depravity. We do not have any doubts that Thayer was sexually involved with his pet dog, Lamont. We’d be surprised if you didn’t reach the same conclusion. It’s probably hard to get your mind focused on Thayer’s journalistic activities after reading those quotes, but we’ll continue onwards anyway.

After his years of post-Pol Pot irrelevance, Nate Thayer moved on to a new grift – obsessing over National Socialists. Nate’s tactics were, unsurprisingly, unethical. He would dox people, and then call their families to tell them about their relatives’ activities. He would call the National Socialists that he doxed, threatening to expose them unless they gave him juicier information about other targets of his. He messaged NS people with knowingly false information, hoping that he could bait them into “correcting” the falsehoods. He posted all of the ill-gotten information online, and sent it to anti-fascists who wished to harm the doxed National Socialists. Though, of course, being cowardly and incompetent, the antifa members never did anything.

Nate Thayer spent his final years doing this – non-newsworthy articles dedicated to destroying the lives of people who had never harmed him. But, sadly for Nate, this barely helped his career. The only people who cared were pathetic antifa members, and his grifting fellow journalists. He never acquired a mainstream job, which was certainly his main aspiration.

Near the end of his life, Nate Thayer had been completely forgotten. His fellow journalists had allowed him to end up in dire poverty, and he slowly wasted away from the complications of his various illnesses. His only friend, other than his long-suffering dog Lamont, was a faggoty-looking, beret-wearing antifa member. After years of agony, both physical and mental, Nate Thayer gracelessly died on January 3rd, 2023.

His was not a life well lived. While outwardly expressing a desire to rebel, he instead always acted in the best interests of the kike system. The supposed “most important task” of a journalist is to hold the powerful accountable. He did not do this. He attempted to ruin the lives of solid National Socialists, the only true anti-system activists. He made the jobs of the police, who he claimed to despise, easier. And, he constantly attempted to gain the favor of the Mainstream Media institutions that he loved so much.

Nate Thayer was many things. Among them, he was a zoophile, a dishonest hack, and a lover of the system. He spent his life betraying the values that he claimed to hold so dear. To National Socialists like us, this is the worst possible way to live your life.

After his death, the journalists who had previously ignored Thayer now claimed that he was a hero. Of course, they didn’t really think that – it was just a slow news day.