Perverted Old French Man Has WW1 Artillery Shell Removed From Anus

If only you knew how bad things really are.

An 88-year-old homosexual in France caused a bomb scare at a French hospital due to him having a WW1 artillery shell in his ass. Why someone would do such a thing is unclear; however, they did have to get the bomb squad to make sure the explosive didn’t go off as doctors worked to remove the device from his ass.

Faggots are some weird people for sure; why someone would look at a WW1 artillery shell and think to themselves, “Yeah, that belongs in my ass” is beyond us. We aren’t homosexuals, so we suppose that mindset can’t be understood by people like ourselves.

The shell in question was 8 inches tall and two inches wide. The shell was fully inserted into the old man’s ass.

Unfortunately, the device did not detonate, which would have been extremely amusing to hear about some perverted old man shoving a bomb up his ass and it detonating.

Things like this are why your average doctor is a misanthropic alcoholic on the verge of suicide and why suicide among doctors is absurdly high. In fact, emergency rooms see a high proportion of two types of patients.Either they’re drug addicts looking to get high, or they’re perverted middle-aged men who have a broken bottle up their asses.

Overall, it’s a pretty interesting story.