Two Retards Plan To Rob A Bank

Two National Socialist individuals were arrested in relation to plotting to rob a bank (most likely with a federal agent or informant involved). They thought they were being smart by discussing robbing the bank as writing a screenplay. Obviously they were idiots and didn’t follow proper OPSEC, as the feds figured out the plan and probably created the plot themselves.

Please don’t plan or even think about robbing a bank in today’s day and age. You’re an idiot if you think that’s a good idea. Not only is it a serious federal crime that the banks will force the feds to use every resource possible to catch you for, but beyond that, banks hold very little actual money in today’s age.

Everything is digital, and as a consequence, very little paper money is around in banks. For example, 97% of the entire money supply is digital, meaning only 3% of the entire money supply is physical. That’s today’s age. So robbing a bank, which is punishable by 20 years in federal prison, for very little money is insane.

Granted, one of the individuals involved was allegedly involved with ACE, which we’ve recently been criticizing internally due to their abhorrent OPSEC and need to post certain incriminating things on Telegram of all places.

If it is true that one or more of the individuals arrested was involved with ACE, then we’re willing to bet that the feds took interest in this plot as a way of furthering their investigation into ACE, as ACE has posted prior with them plotting or committing certain crimes, including arson, on their Telegram channel.

So this could very well be an attempt to flip one of them and bring down ACE. As a general rule, the more attention you bring to yourself, especially with illegal activities you publicly post about, the more the feds take interest. We get plenty of attention ourselves for doing legal things and not breaking the law at all, and we’re willing to bet that the FBI has an open investigation into us.

So posting about you doing an arson on Telegram of all places (Telegram does give away data on users at law enforcement request mind you) among other iffy activities. Then honestly, it’s not a shock that the feds took serious interest and probably talked them into a bank robbery plot.

Folks, please don’t be retards; please don’t plot serious illegal activities online; and please don’t post about your illegal activities online. Just don’t be idiots; how hard is this to ask?

Like, what the fuck? We’re just so sick of seeing idiots do things that defy common sense. Like not plotting a bank robbery on Telegram, even if you’re “talking in code”, whoever is the snitch or fed in this case also knows you’re talking in code and can decipher what the hell you’re saying.

Oh, what the hell, I’m sure we’ll see another case like this soon. Probably something to do with a fed convincing a bunch of retards on Telegram to go shoot up a furry bowling event to protest trannies or something.

It’s all just so tiresome.