Race Riots In France After French Boomer Kills 3 Kurds

After a French Boomer killed three Kurds and injured three others at a Kurdish Diversity Centre in France due to the French Boomer, in his own words, being “racist” and sick of non-Whites invading France. It seems the French Boomer has started a series of race riots in France, with non-Whites, especially Kurds, outraged that the French government isn’t doing enough to “protect them”.

We’ll be keeping an eye on the situation, but while generally we don’t tactically agree with killing random non-Whites. In this case, the French Boomer could very well have started a race war in France finally which, if it occurred, would spread to the rest of Western Europe.

As the old saying in European Aristocratic circles in the 19th century went, “When France sneezes, Europe catches a cold!”. Hopefully, we see another French Revolution. This time will be a racialist revolution.

Maybe we’re being a bit too optimistic here and this will probably fizzle out, but it would be a lovely Christmas gift to see for sure.

Only time will tell.

Reminder that the 1848 revolutions in Europe started all because of small issues in France that led to a domino effect for the rest of Europe. Video of the 1848 revolutions below.

As a reminder to our European readers, especially French readers, keep in mind in SIEGE; specifically “Removing All Options”. See the reading of it below in video format.