Antifa Doxer Files: Colorado Springs Antifa

When an antifa member is doxed, they are, without fail, always revealed to be total fuck-ups. Genetic rejects who can only find companionship among the sickest of the sick and the most degenerate of the degenerate: antifa members.

A recent doxing has, of course, continued to prove this eternal truth. “Heidi” Beedle(real name Sean), the owner of the Colorado Springs Antifa twitter account, has been exposed: he is a transgender furfag. Please excuse our lack of surprise – the betting odds on the owner of a major antifa account being a furry, a tranny, or both couldn’t be more than 1:1.

Another non-shocker: this furfag was formerly a teacher. As is typical for people with his variant of mental illness, his main goal is to indoctrinate the youth with his sickness. This depraved faggot also provided books to his students that included “kinky sex”, probably of the pole-smoking variety.

After various parents complained about his blatantly depraved, far-left biased style of “teaching”, he was drummed out of the only school that would hire him. He even admitted that he was a “miserable failure” as a teacher, and that’s probably the only true statement that he has ever made in his life.

You can’t expect the truth from somebody whose whole life and identity is a lie. Getting a single true statement out of him is, I’m sure, akin to squeezing water from a stone: simply not possible.

In a truly foolish move, he also immediately set all of his social media accounts to “private” after this doxing, implicitly acknowledging that the dox was correct. Another shocking twist: antifa members are not very intelligent, either. But, Mr. Beedle can probably rest easily.

Unlike being a doxed National Socialist, being a doxed antifa member comes with no real drawbacks: the system does not persecute its own toadies. But, with 50%+ of trannies attempting suicide at some point, we can say this: the biggest potential threat to Mr. Beedle is death by his own hands.

We, the staff of the Futurist Observer, would be so sad if this happens. We definitely hope that Mr. Beedle doesn’t take his own life because of this evil Nazi persecution. Please ignore the champagne that we have ready to pop if he goes through with it.