Police Slaughter In Australia

Recently in Australia two System Pigs and an alleged “member of the public” (possibly a fed) have been killed by two brothers and one of their wives.

According to the police they were going there to conduct a missing persons investigation, for one of the victims of this cold blooded slaying by the system, Nathaniel.

After the initial shootout and the shooters on the run, eventual the System Pigs came and shot them down and killed them as well.

Some are saying that this can be seen as an Australian Waco or Ruby Ridge, as not only was this “missing person” not missing he had been in contact with family and the police before this event.

As a point of interest, police entered the property without warrant over a locked gate, whilst armed and with questionable intentions

We all know what the end result of that was over here. No doubt there will be some sort of retaliation. Of the occupants killed, Stacy was a local school teacher, Nathaniel was also a school teacher with many awards for teaching and was a principle known to the community for seeking out challenging jobs in poor areas, Gareth had been a teacher and also worked in child protective services for awhile.

People they will now seek to demonize in the community were once pillars of it and also widely regarded as exemplary. The father of both slain men, a local minister who is an accomplished author is now too being demonized by the media as he tries to grieve his loss.

An important side note is that Gareth had a big presence on 4chan’s Aus/pol/ general and was well known there. Where he would post about his ark and surviving collapse, scanning radio frequencies for survivors and taking in political refugees.

Naming the jew can be a dangerous game, the jews are scared and are ready to send in their goons to enforce their state mandated submission to them. With antifa already rushing to highlight that he had pointed out Mossad involvement in so many things where it is public knowledge.

It is interesting to see how teachers and community members can go from hero to anti-system by being abandoned by the state. And there are many such cases of this all over.

They are hunting you down and they aren’t even hiding it anymore. It doesn’t matter how many years you have served them, how many times they have put you on a pedestal or how many of your peers see you in a positive light. They will kill you, your family, your legacy and there is only one thing you can do to stop it.