German Police Arrest 25 Reactionaries On False Coup Charges In Show Trial Attempt

German prosecutors have arrested twenty-five German citizens for an alleged “coup plot”. This absurd action does not surprise us at all. In the modern propagandized and demoralized Germany, the slightest bit of opposition to the mainstream, Jewish consensus is considered treasonous.

There was no real “coup plot” here. 25 right-wing reactionaries, not even National Socialists, were fantasizing about what they’d do if they took power. The German government saw an easy opportunity to get some press while drumming up fears about the “evil right wing”, and they took it. Now, the lives of 25 honest, well-meaning citizens have been ruined, and they will likely face serious prison time due to this prosecutorial publicity stunt.

These reactionary right-wing types are, of course, not any real threat to the system. Their program is passé, it’s totally played out. Reactionaryism and Monarchism became outmoded by the end of the First World War, if not far sooner. But, of course, the system does not care about that. They oppose the current system, and they do not accept its validity. Thus, they must be punished.

There is no end to the vindictiveness of the jews and their cronies. And, this is not the end – this is just the beginning. Expect this to happen again in Germany, and in all other still-white lands. For the jews, opposition can not be allowed to prosper, even in a small way. All whites MUST fully bend the knee, and accept everything that they are told without question or comment.

If you’re going to be persecuted anyway, why adopt a half-measure? Be an out-and-out National Socialist, don’t settle for reactionaryism or any other played out ideology.