Power Substations Attacked Cutting Power To Drag Queen Kids Event; Event Cancelled As A Result

It seems that three power substations have been shot at and attacked in Moore County, North Carolina. This seems to have been done to shut down a drag show for kids in the area. Power is still cut off in these areas, leaving 40,000 people without power. This comes as there has been an increase in attacks against drag queen events for kids; just last month, someone in Oklahoma even firebombed a donut shop that was hosting one of these events. This attack is strikingly similar to the Metcalf Sniper Attack.

These attacks will only continue as more people get sick of them occurring. In general, as the LGBT movement becomes more arrogant and brazen in its actions, many people are experiencing faggot fatigue. So naturally, like a spring, it strikes back.

These substations were taken down that stopped the drag queen event by gunfire at the three substations, causing malfunction and failure. This is leading to a general power black out for the area of Moore County. Though the electric company for the area expects to get the power back on soon, the event remains cancelled, and organizers are afraid of ever organizing an event in Moore County again. The attacker probably used something like Open Infrastructure Map as well to find these places.

You can see the status of this outage here.

The solution is clear if the organizers of these drag events for kids do not want these actions to happen to them. Then they just have to stop having these events. It’s as simple as that.

Update: A curfew has been ordered for the county and the 40,000+ residents living there.