Irish Parliament Installs Tampon Dispensers In Men’s Bathrooms

It seems that Ireland has one up on its competition to beat the UK as the worst country in Europe. The Irish Parliament has done the proper thing and installed tampon dispensers in men’s bathrooms to send a virtue signal about how pro-tranny they are.

Leaving aside, of course, the fact that women who cut their tits and declare themselves men because they inject themselves with testosterone every day stop having periods due to testosterone’s effects, this does not stop these cunts from publicly expressing their support for trannies.

Ireland has been a shithole country for decades, along with the UK. Irish politics in general have always swung to the left. Even the so-called “nationalist” parties like Sinn Fein run literal West Africans as candidates. The British Isles in general need to sink into the North Sea. Ireland, Scotland, England, and Wales are all garbage and filled with cuckolds who enjoy watching their countries collapse.

We’re proud to have saved many National Action members and other British National Socialists who would have faced prosecution in the UK by migrating them into the United States and getting them citizenship here. The US is no paradise; however, it’s far better than the UK and Ireland.

It’s only going to get worse.