Clemson University Makes Snitch App For Students To Weed Out Racialist Dissidents

Clemson University in South Carolina has created a new phone app for their students to make “anonymous reports” on other students, along with the ability to send photos and videos of the students in question. The app’s goal is straightforward: to weed out anyone at the college who isn’t completely on board with the system’s ideology.

A student heard you say nigger? Prepare for them to take a photo of you and send it to college staff in an attempt to get you kicked out. Fun fact: dead Atomwaffen Division martyr Andrew Oneschuk himself went through this, with college students finding out his political worldview and then hounding him to the point of forcing his parents to pull him out.

Of course, while these smug cunts were mocking him as he was leaving campus for the last time, he turned back, looked them dead in the face, and did a roman salute.

So if you’re a student at Clemson University, expect to see things such as this below:

We cannot wait until this app rolls itself out to the general public of the United States. The FBI already did this similarly after the Capitol Riots. Giving out rewards to any snitch worth their salt. Sons turning in their dads to get their college paid for by the FBI and more.

We live in a nation of snitches who have the FBI tip line and 911 on speed dial, ready to report you as soon as possible if you exhibit any anti-system behavior. This is why you must be careful what you say and who you say it to. If you say the wrong thing, you’ll get someone snitching on you.

Your relatives will go to the media too to denounce you for your awful sins against their holy system and beg for forgiveness for even being around someone who thinks things the system deems bad.

Snitches and rats galore. The United States is worse than the Soviet Union. At least in the Soviet Union, you had a general idea of who the secret police were. Except in the United States, your average lemming is the secret police. Collaborating in their own occupation and brutalization. The system plantation’s Uncle Toms.

These rats better hope that we never take power. When we do, we’ll be going through seized FBI documents and figuring out every single person who’s ever even made so much as a report to the FBI on one of us then from there getting their just rewards. The system gave them their thirty pieces of silver, and we will come to pay them something as well.

You snitch; we will find out, and we will publish your name. Just because the government promises you that no one will find out, the government has a bad track record with that. See the Barry Seal incident on how the US government does its job at protecting the identities of its snitches. Better yet, see us discovering the full identity of an undercover FBI agent because they were too stupid to hide his name properly in the paperwork.

Be aware of snitches friends.