Antifa Is Being Purged On Twitter

Recently, Twitter has started a mass purge of pedophile and antifa accounts (with as much crossover as you’d expect). There has been no official announcement of this by Twitter or Elon Musk, but he is seen as being receptive to hearing out certain right-wing Twitter accounts with regards to the antifa problem that has plagued the platform for years.

As expected, this has generated a salt mine large enough to last for months, with antifa and leftists crying about it, but nobody cares about their cry-bully tactics anymore, so they can cry on deaf ears now. Antifa accounts large and small are being suspended on Twitter, especially the doxing accounts. If you have a Twitter account, I’d recommend reporting any of these faggots that you see there.

It’s amazing to see how they deal with a fraction of what we deal with on a daily basis and how they can’t deal with it at all. It is also very nice to know their major networks are being broken down and disrupted, and their outreach is being decimated. While many of them are fleeing to other platforms, they will never recover from this. Twitter is one of the few things that gave them any sort of relevance because, after all, nobody is going to their shitty little blog sites to read up on what new thing they’re crying about.

So, we’ll get a few laughs from this and also enjoy this blow to antifa. We sure know you’re enjoying it with us.