Antifa Doxer Files: Garfield but Anti-Fascist

Credit to NSC-131 for originally publishing this information

Even though this information was already published by a member of NSC-131 a year and a half ago, we still felt the need to republish it due to the fact that their public information was not that well known outside of certain sub-communities within the movement. We personally had little interest in her ourselves until, of course, she tried further and further to come into our accelerationist communities to harass us.

So, as a point, considering she loves doxing people, we reserve the right to publish her information here. Again, credit to NSC-131 for putting in the original work towards this, we’re simply republishing their work.

So Garfield but Anti-Fascist‘s real name is Hannah Esmee Mades-Alabsio. Infographics of the evidence towards this will be posted below, along with links to the original Telegram posts made in April 2021 that originally exposed her.

Of course, when you look up Hannah’s personal accounts, they’re all private and deleted. This is because Hannah is a retard and doesn’t realize that purging everything after being doxed is the fastest way of confirming that dox to be legitimate. No amount of cope posting about “haha, it’s just a faildox guys!” can undo that idiocy.

Links to further information on Hannah:

We included links since archives Telegram posts in case Telegram ever deletes the posts in question. Though two of the links wouldn’t save properly on so you’ll just have to save the posts in question on your own time.

In Conclusion:

This is going to be the start of a new series for The Futurist Observer in terms of publishing or republishing the identities of known antifa doxers and harassers for community awareness. Since considering the excuse these freaks make being “to protect the community” for their behaviors. We reserve the right to publish or republish their identities for the protection of our own community.

Oh and Hannah, because we know you monitor anything relating to The American Futurist like a hawk and have a minor obsession with us from what we’re told. You could always contact us at [email protected] since both staff groups from The American Futurist and The Futurist Observer have come to the conclusion that we would love to “reform” you.

I myself have a weakness for women between their mid-20s and mid-30s with pale skin. You look pretty cute in the first photo on the bottom right. So give old Tommy here a message, and maybe I can help you get to your senses and help you rehabilitate. My messages are always open dear.