LAPD Recruits Attacked; 22 Injured (Video Included)

22 recruits for the Las Angeles Police Department have been injured while on a training exercise in the South Whittier area when a vehicle rammed into them. Five recruits are in “critical” condition, another four are being treated for moderate injuries, and 13 have minor injuries.

The driver, who is 22 years old, has been previously arrested. It is unclear whether the attack was accidental or deliberate, but the vehicle did accelerate before colliding.

Of course, as long as the state continues to work against our race, anti-pig sentiment will rise. This is an interesting development: would-be system pigs are being attacked during their first year of training before they can graduate to become full cops.

We will be monitoring the situation as it develops.

The area resident told ABC7 that “I come out to see people on the floor … it was really crazy”. “Everyone was kind of in a panic, there [were] cables on fire and the car was smoking … it was really a graphic scene”.

Video of the Attack: