Russia Launches Missiles Into Poland; Kills Two

Russia, during its missile attacks on Ukraine, has seemingly accidentally hit a Polish town on the Ukrainian border, killing two. The Polish government themselves are already having an emergency meeting on the matter and what to do further. A CNN correspondent on Twitter is claiming that Poland is wanting to invoke NATO’s Article 4 and wants war with Russia, meaning the start of the third world war and a probable nuclear war.

However, it is unclear whether or not NATO will join in on a war with Russia over a missile overshooting and hitting a Polish border town, killing two individuals in the town. More than likely, it’ll just lead to condemnation and Russia promising not to hit Poland again.

If anymore conflict starts from this, it’d be from Poland solely attacking Russia, as the Polish government has already stated such intentions, especially with attacking Königsberg, which used to belong to Germany but now belongs to Russia and is named Kaliningrad. Specifically, many Polish nationalists want to claim Konigsberg as a part of Poland.

How a Polish war with Russia would look is unclear; however, Poland has a similar military in strength and size to Ukraine, and seeing how Ukraine has been holding up so far against the Russian military, a Polish war with Russia would be an interesting thing to see.

We’ll of course be keeping our eye on the situation at hand and making further updates when needed.