Leftists Raid Irish Crypto-Fascist Conference In Northern Ireland Causing Multiple Injuries

The National Party of Ireland, a crypto-fascist political party in Ireland and Northern Ireland, had their conference raided by militant leftists, resulting in multiple injuries and hospitalizations. The conference, being held at a luxury golf resort in Northern Ireland, had, according to witnesses, seen a bus full of leftists show up and begin assaulting conference goers in an effort to shut the event down.

Of course, this demonstrates one simple fact: no matter how moderate and crypto you are in your true beliefs, you will be attacked. Reminder that many self-proclaimed “anti-fascists” generally do not mess with revolutionary types like ourselves outside of doxing and bitching on Twitter. They generally only do physical confrontations when it pertains to the more moderate and crypto of the movement.

Reason being is simple, these people are massive cowards so they go after the weakest link naturally. Since rightfully so, they think if they physically attack one of us, they’ll be harmed themselves including maybe even being shot (in self-defense of course). So generally, outside of online bitching and moaning, we don’t really see the same physical confrontations that our movementarian counterparts do.

The attack on the National Party’s conference, however, only shows one thing. It doesn’t matter how much you moderate your politics and actions, you’ll still be treated with violence by all segments of the system. So you might as well embrace revolution over all things. You’ll be much safer that way. That much is obvious at this point, since going the Richard Spencer route of crying over antifa being mean and violent to you will only invite more of it your way due to you showing weakness. Simple as that.