Big Pharma Is Funding Movies To Promote Trannyism To Kids

Pharmaceutical companies, including Bayer, have been found to be funding a new film titled “Mama Has A Mustache” which promotes being a transvestite to children. Bayer, of course, is the maker of drugs used by transvestites, which, of course, are also being promoted for use by children. The director of the film and those involved are, of course, jews. The director, Sally Rubin, is a kike herself.

She isn’t a transvestite to our knowledge. Just an ugly kike woman. In any matter, Bayer and others funding these projects just prove towards the flaws of the Neo-Liberal Capitalist system we live under. If everything is based around making money and can be boiled down to how much a thing is worth. Well obviously this creates problems. That being corporations, jewish or not, do damaging things for the sake of profit.

That’s a thing people forget about this system, it’s not immoral, it’s amoral. Walmart would have no issues selling swastika t-shirts if they thought they could make profit off of it. Except they don’t, instead mega-corporations sponsor mass immigration of non-Whites and encourage faggotry because non-Whites (especially niggers) and faggots are hyper-consumers.

Transvestites for example are promoted for the main reason that medical companies make more money off of them then cancer patients. Think of all the costs associated with being a transvestite. They have to buy pills/injections for the rest of their lives, get expensive surgeries, get therapy and counseling, and more. This isn’t even including the sheer hyper-consumerism that all transvestites are extremely into, like all forms of faggots are.

All the harm that this does to our race is merely a bonus. The end goal is merely profit. Jews aren’t the cause, they’re merely a symptom of a much larger problem that is the system itself. You can disappear jews tomorrow and if this rotten system remains, the problems would remain largely speaking. Hence why total destruction of the system is needed, nothing else and nothing more.