Poland Recognizes Foreign Fag Marriage

A Polish High Court stated that it was unconstitutional for the Polish Government to not recognize fag civil unions among people living in Poland who had them done in other countries, such as Germany. Despite the fact that the Polish Constitution explicitly states that marriage in Poland is between one man and one woman. Because Poland (like nearly all Western countries) are Liberal Republics, then therefore courts can just easily undo any laws they feel like and make new laws as they please.

This of course furthering the point that many Eastern European countries, whether it be Poland, Serbia, etc. The LGBT movements in these countries are always foreigners coming in trying to impose their own fag agenda. LGBT marches in these countries are always made up of foreigners, mostly from Germany and the UK.

In Poland, it’s especially faggots from Germany (especially Berlin) coming in to try and fag up the place, and thankfully there are morally correct men in Poland who use direct action against them and let them know they’re not welcome.

While Poland is far from a perfect country, as they have similar issues to most ex-Soviet countries (corruption, economic problems, etc.), new issues will only arise as faggotry is accepted in these countries.

We have hope that there are good men in Poland willing to fight back, however. Even abroad in countries like the UK, it’s the Polish living there who stand up against the brown and fag hordes while others won’t. So we have our hopes—not in the Polish government but in the men of Poland.

Please read The Fag Agenda, a classic Ironmarch book on faggotry: