Mega-Corporations Lose Billions Due To Twitter Trolling

Due to the recent news on Twitter about individuals now being able to purchase Twitter verification for $8 a month, some pranksters have been causing billions of dollars in damage to many Fortune 500 companies. Including but not limited to Eli Lilly, Lockheed Martin, and more. This being done by people who make spoof Twitter accounts, then buy verification to make them look real, and then make statements that will cause the stocks of those companies to fall.

Specifically, Eli Lilly, for example, lost billions when its stock price dropped by 5% when a prankster stated that Eli Lilly would be giving away insulin for free. Lockheed Martin also lost billions when another spoof Twitter announced that it would be ending weapons sales to the US, Israel, and Saudi Arabia.

Granted, eventually these companies will make back that money; this isn’t going to bankrupt them. However, tens of billions of dollars in damage is still a lot. It still hurts their bottom line. Of course, while I’m not giving financial advice, it could be a wise decision for our stock investing readers to look into buying the recently devalued stocks.

As we’re sure during this week, many kike investors will also see opportunity and buy up stock. While it won’t make you rich, it’ll get you a little more money in your pocket. All in all, this has been pretty funny since mega-corporations get screwed out of tens of billions at the cost of some guy spending probably less than $24 on Twitter verification.

Which just shows how in the modern age, you don’t need that much in resources to do a ton of damage. In fact if some random guy in his bedroom can spend $24 to cause tens of billions in damages, all legally mind you, that just proves this as fact.