Andrew Anglin Now Has A Warrant For His Arrest And US Marshals After Him

The Daily Stormer owner and founder Andrew Anglin has a bench warrant out for him by a Federal Judge in Montana for failing to appear for a lawsuit in which his website, The Daily Stormer, published an article detailing the actions of a jewish woman in Montana who allegedly threatened Richard Spencer’s mother in Whitefish, Montana, to sell her house and give the money from the sale to the jewish woman’s personal charity or else violent leftists will show up and attack her.

According to the jewish woman, Andrew Anglin’s publication of this led to harassment and threats from readers of The Daily Stormer. Andrew Anglin was ordered to pay $14 million in damages to this jew as a result. Anglin himself refused to even show up in court at all, resulting in a Federal Judge putting out a bench warrant for his arrest and requesting US Marshals locate and arrest him. Andrew Anglin is, of course, allegedly living in Southeast Asia and, according to him, is living abroad.

Though it wouldn’t be beneath the US Justice Department to use extradition on Andrew Anglin, in any case, this demonstrates a troubling trend that we’ve been seeing for years and that we predicted. With the Atomwaffen Division Mass Arrests of 2020, there were many in the movement who wrongly celebrated and mocked them. We, on the other hand, saw it for what it was: the start of the system’s mass arrests, such as those currently taking place in Europe.

Whenever the system wants to crackdown, they always start with the most extreme ends of a movement they wish to destroy, then slowly move the wheel down the line. However, it is surprising to see the system go after Andrew Anglin of all people, the most moderate of the moderate.In all honesty, we were expecting mass arrests against groups like Patriot Front first. However, it seems the system is getting impatient.

Andrew Anglin, at least to our knowledge of his current state, barely counts as someone involved without our movement. He’s renounced the idea of putting race first, is notorious for lying about people he doesn’t like (see him blatantly lying about ourselves as well as others, such as TRS/NJP claiming we’re all federal agents, even though he knows it’s a lie), and more. Personally we think Andrew Anglin is a grifting worm and now is solely survives off money from Russia and China to survive. It’s frankly pathetic.

The point is, however, that if the US Justice Department feels the need to go after someone such as him. Well, it’s a sign of worse things to come. We covered this on The American Futurist a long time ago, but we’ve been warning that the system’s “War on Terror” against Islamic militants in the 2000s was just practice for what they’re going to do to us. In fact, ex-CIA jew and current US Representative Ellisa Slotkin has openly stated that this is the case and that the US should also look to the UK model for how to deal with people like us.

For those unaware of what the “UK model” is, the UK model is basically just doing blanket mass arrests with decades long prison sentences for merely thinking the ideas we do, owning the books we have, and more. Including doing things like arresting a couple for “continuing to have membership with National Action” because even after they quit the group after it was banned, meaning they were no longer members after National Action became a banned group.

The judge on the case (Judge Melbourne Inman of Birmingham) reasoned that they were still members of the group ideologically because their child’s middle name was Adolf and that there were photos of them with their child with a Third Reich flag and Ku Klux Klan items. As a result, they were both sentenced to five years in prison and their child was taken away.

This is the model that the kikes and White traitors of the US want to impose on you. They want to throw you in a cage for saying words like nigger for longer prison sentences than what they’d give to rapists, and if you have children, they’ll take them away and probably give them to some fag to “raise” and teach them proper system values.

These kikes and White traitors are playing with fire though. Unlike the UK, we have firearms. So we’re certainly going to see a lot of violence if the system elites go through with this plan. This isn’t a call for violence, nor is it a threat. It’s a certainty of what happens when you act like a reckless arrogant tyrant.

All in all, this is just a bad sign of the times. The best you can do is prepare for the apocalypse, as the saying goes. We’re confident that any future mass arrest sweep in the United States will include us as well. All you can do is prepare for the inevitable.

Hail victory and stay safe out there.