Man Firebombs Oklahoma Donut Shop For Hosting Drag Queen Story Hour

This is a young boy in that image with a grown man by the way. Remember, totally normal and just like me and you!

A man in Oklahoma, disgusted by a drag queen story hour event titled “The Queens Dirty Dozen” has broken the windows and attempted to firebomb a donut shop that hosted it in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The firebombing, however, didn’t go as planned because the bottle containing the accelerant didn’t break because the bottle was too thick. So it only caused minor damage.

Most likely, the individual who did this attack was from the nearby area, and seeing an event titled “The Queens Dirty Dozen” and that event being marketed towards children disgusted him and caused him to attack the venue that hosted the event. Tulsa Police also stated that he left behind a note decrying the degeneracy going on in his community, though the note has yet to be published.

Typical however, cowardly conservatives are calling this man a federal agent who is trying to discredit them. Of course they do this whenever someone more dedicated than them tries to show up against things they claim to stand against. It’s typical cowardly behavior. Anytime someone tries to go off the plantation and do something new, they’re an antifa fed. It’s pathetic.

At the absolute worst, we could see this possibly being a hoax by the owners of The Donut Hole in Tulsa for clout and insurance, but that’s still a small chance since they’d be facing federal charges for doing that. However, it’s irrelevant because this is still good because it causes other venues hosting these events to think to themselves, “Do I want to risk this happening to me?”.

We’re sure, however, that The Donut Hole in Tulsa isn’t going to be doing anymore of these events anymore.

Video Of The Attack: