Leftist Wins In Brazil With Current President Who Threatened Civil War And Coup Silent; Brazil On Edge

It seems that Brazilian leftist Lula da Silva has won the presidential race in Brazil. His opponent and former military officer, Bolsonaro, remains silent. Keeping a lot on edge. It could be the case that, with the backing of the Brazilian military that loves and supports Bolsonaro, they could do what they did in Myanmar and declare the election results null and void and re-establish a military junta. Time will only tell.

For us, however, we support any and all Brazilian military intervention against Lula da Silva. Not because Bolsonaro is a great man; in fact, we have a heavy dislike of him. Especially for his destruction of the Amazon Rain Forest, for which he deserves execution.

However, any and all military interventions would lead to the same result as Myanmar. Plunging Brazil into a collapse and civil war. This, of course, allows our White National Socialist/Fascist brothers in South Brazil a golden opportunity to assert themselves in a big way.

Similar to how the Islamic State went from a tiny irrelevant group in Northeast Iraq to a global threat just by taking advantage of the nearby Syrian Civil War. It can be duplicated in Brazil. All that needs to happen is for Bolsonaro to not be a coward and to go through with his threats of a military led coup. His complete silence on the matter is a positive, since that shows he might be quietly planning what he threatens.

Considering his background as an officer during the military junta, many former members of the military junta were with his government. This is all very promising. However, keep in mind that Bolsonaro is a conservative reactionary. They have a long history of disappointment and cowardliness. So while it’s promising, at the same time, we’re not fully holding our breath here.

As we said, time will tell whether or not we get the results we want.