120 Gooks Dead After Halloween Crowd Crush In South Korea

So far, 120 are dead and 100 injured after a giant crowd celebrating Halloween in Seoul, South Korea kept pushing onto each other, causing many to be crushed to death. The death toll is expected to rise. Why South Koreans are celebrating Halloween is weird enough, but apparently it’s such a popular activity that there were thousands in the streets of Seoul celebrating, and it resulted in hundreds of casualties.

We’ve covered this before, but gook countries in Asia seem to have a pattern of forming mass crowds to crush or suffocate each other to death. Why? Who the hell knows why? In a way, it’s similar to insects. It’s not really any shocker that most Asian ethnic groups, especially the Chinese, are considered “an insect race” and act like it too in their mannerisms and thought processes.

We expect more of these disasters from Asia as time goes on, as Asia seems to be a non-stop factory of mass death in the most absurd ways possible. A reminder that nearly 80 million Chinese died in China in the 1950s because the Chinese killed all the birds and rats, which caused the insect population to explode and eat all their crops.

Oh, and forget farming at all because they melted down all the metal tools and even tore down their homes to make tractors somehow. Which obviously, expecting peasants who can’t even read to melt down all the iron they have and somehow make a tractor out of it, well, it had the results you’d expect. Everyone is homeless with no food and no tools to even grow food while they have a giant lump of pig iron in their backyards.

The history of Asia is one big absurdist tale.