Nancy Pelosi’s Husband Attacked In Assassination Attempt Against Her At Her Home With Hammer

Nancy Pelosi’s husband was bashed in the head with a hammer in their home by a 42-year-old man. The man, David DePape, from Berkeley, is apparently a nudist enthusiast, and not a whole lot is known about him at the moment. Several theories about this man have circulated, including that he had a homosexual relationship with Paul Pelosi, that he was a jew-hater, that he was an election-fraud type boomer, and so on.

But as of now, we are still waiting to find out more about him. With regards to the attack itself, we know that he broke into the Pelosi house before dawn Friday (Nancy Pelosi was not home at the time), menaced her husband, asking “Where is Nancy?” before bludgeoning him, all while in his underwear.

The interesting takeaway here is that a hammer-wielding underwear man broke into the Pelosi home and nearly killed one of them. Whatever happened to these people being untouchable? Guess the underwear man didn’t get the memo. It turns out these people aren’t as insulated as they thought they were. Paul Pelosi will be the first to tell you, that is, if his brain works still after getting a good rattling.

What a time to be alive. Things are certainly heating up on all fronts.