Patriot Front Sued Under The KKK Act For Leadership Ordering Members To Do Crimes In Leaked Chats

Just as was predicted by The American Futurist, specifically one of its head writers known as Tim Turtle in his essay Patriot Front 2: Rated R For Retarded, which covered the chatlog and internal asset leak of Patriot Front last January. In which, Tim pointed out that the founder and current leader of Patriot Front, Thomas Rosseau, told Patriot Front members openly in the leaked chatlogs to commit acts of vandalism against racial targets, mostly pro-black murals, which would result in serious repercussions down the line.

For the record, many higher ups at Patriot Front had mocked Tim, specifically making the argument that the crimes they committed were just “petty vandalism” and nothing else in private conversations with The American Futurist staff, including Tim Turtle. Without of course realizing that the moment you plan anything that is seen to be motivated to intimidate or harass “protected classes” (that being non-Whites, fags, jews, etc.) is itself already a federal crime.

Adding to this was the fact that Thomas and friends were in the chatlogs coordinating these crimes from North Texas with those out of state (mostly in the Northeastern United States). Well, now that’s also kicking the ball into the fed’s court too. Committing crimes across state lines will always go to the feds by default due to logistics issues of it being easier to throw you into the fed’s grips than to have two or more different states’ legal systems coordinating a trial together. Now Patriot Front is getting sued under the Ku Klux Klan Act of 1871 by the organization known as the “Lawyers’ Committee For Civil Rights Under Law” along with other legal groups that are not niggers but kikes. If you want to read further into the case, there is a twitter thread here about it with more detail.

From what we looked into them, the LCFCRUL (mouthful of a name there) is a nigger legal group similar to that of the NAACP except with more lawyers. Their argument being made is that Patriot Front’s leadership ordered members to harass and vandalize black murals and neighborhoods in the city of Richmond, Virginia and how this violates the Ku Klux Klan Act of 1871 as well as several Virginia state laws as they’re being sued on behalf of the nigger residents of Richmond, Virginia as stated.

It is almost like we predicted this would happen as of this writing exactly nine months ago. It turns out that if you intend to commit acts of vandalism, intimidation, or anything criminal, even if it is “petty vandalism” as PF State Leaders insisted to us, you will be arrested. Do not plan any crimes in open chats, do not record yourself doing crimes ESPECIALLY WITHOUT A MASK ON, if you did commit a crime DON’T TELL ANYONE ABOUT IT EVER SINCE ONCE A THING IS OVER, THEN IT’S OVER AND YOU NEVER EVER BRING IT UP AGAIN, and more.

If it sounds like we’re being a bit mean-spirited towards the plight of Patriot Front’s leaders, that’s because we are. We know full well that its membership, especially its leadership, loves to make fun of the arrests of Atomwaffen Division’s imprisoned members and do things like call us retards and arrest magnets at private IRL meetups. Ironically, as a former Atomwaffen Division member myself, while there were stupid things done in Atomwaffen Division, half the shit Thomas suggested in his chats would never ever be tolerated in Atomwaffen Division.

In fact, under Atomwaffen Division’s second leader, Cameron Denton, Cameron made it policy that discussion of conspiracy to commit serious illegal activities of any kind in any of the Atomwaffen Division Wire Chatrooms would lead to you being kicked out, no exceptions. A rule that was enforced by our experience. This isn’t to cry over the plight of the poor George Floyd murals, vandalised by Patriot Front members with the encouragement of Thomas. However, the idea of just openly planning obvious federal crimes in your main chat that you know are infiltrated and were in the past is just retarded.

If you tried plotting anything these retards were up to in Atomwaffen’s main wire chat, you would have been kicked out. So while Patriot Front (and others) make jokes about Atomwaffen’s arrests and call its membership idiots, it’s ironic that they themselves do something so idiotic that it reads off as a parody. Again, there is a lesson to be learned here if you plan on doing anything illegal, which, of course, we advise our readers totally not to do. Don’t plan shit in chatrooms on the internet, don’t record yourself or bring any electronic devices with you (reminder your phone is a tracking device, treat it like one), after you do it then shut the fuck up and never bring it up again.

The news will cover whatever the hell you did, and no one needs to read some long telegram post about why someone would burn down a synagogue or deface a nigger church. We’re sure anyone with an above 70+ IQ can figure that out for themselves why such a place would be targeted.

Just don’t be retarded, please and thank you. Use common sense.