France On Fire! General Strikes Abound!

French Correspondent for The Futurist Observer Reports!

The communist union CGT (later joined by FO, another commie union) called for a strike of operators of oil refineries run by TotalEnergies and Esso-Exxon Mobil, considering these groups make very important profits without paying their employees what they deserve ,even if their average income is far bigger (5000 euros per month) than the average income in France (2340 euros per month).

It resulted in a nationwide penury of fuel, amplified by the normie and boomer mindset (just look at all the drones who bought tonnes of toilet paper in 2020) Obviously, a situation of penury in a multicultural country leads to some shortages. Like, being stabbed for doubling up another dude in the queue for a pump or, also, seeing niggers and arabs privatising a gas station for themselves, throwing rocks at other drivers and racketing them, or some niggers taking the role of the police to regulate circulation (to avoid disruptions of the drug traffic in the suburbs) and also racketing drivers, according to some testimonies.

Despite the efforts and promises of the government and firms, there are still 27.3 percent of the gas stations that face shortages on the 16th of October. The government attempted to impose some worker requirements (such as sending a cop to your house with a mandate telling you that failing to do your work will result in prison or large fines), but it didn’t make much of a difference. There is still a power struggle between firms, the communist union and the government. And it’s difficult to tell where it will lead today.