Terror Granny Plots Terror In Germany To Start German Civil War To Restore The Kaiser

As a German grandmother sits accused of plotting to kidnap and kill the German health minister, plotting to overthrow the illegitimate government and being the mentor to young national socialists we pause to reflect on what this means.

4 younger men were also raided, SS uniforms and at least one Kalashnikov were found by police, a manifesto and plans also uncovered, but what has been revealed is no shock to us at all.

For those who have failed to observe the unfolding Qanon psychosis for a few years, or those that have yet to learn about Operation Trust, there is indeed a demographic for revolution often overlooked by the masses.

Whilst many focus on the youth, and their indoctrination or corruption there is nothing more revolutionary than someone close to death realizing they have been lied to.

Sure many people understand the basic concept of never cornering an animal, some may even understand the elderly are often abrupt and to the point because they no longer see the point in niceties. What they may not see is as we pair this revolutionary youth with those who are close to death with the maturity of understanding the problem that there is vast opportunity for revolution.

A return to tradition is a return to our cultural mentors, as Ursula Haverback has shown us so clearly there are our women with iron wills and they have a resolution and power lost on many younger women but a spark that ignites in young men.

These national socialist nannies are raising a legion of men who will do what their fathers and grandfathers did not, would not and could not do.

They are being the sons they were born to be.

This is why the system has attacked the family unit for so long and with such vigor.

We are united by blood and there are once again young men willing again to spill it.