US Justice Department Gives Its Answer To Kaleb Cole Appeal Case (Documents Included)

US Justice Department documents relating to the appeals case of Kaleb Cole have been given to The Futurist Observer for review. In the provided documents, the US Justice Department gives its reasons why Kaleb Cole must remain in prison. If you wish to know more about the Kaleb Cole trial and the injustice committed by the system against him, we suggest you read these two articles from The American Futurist on the matter, which can be found here as well as here.

To summarize, the US Justice Department’s arguments for why Kaleb Cole must remain in jail and why his lawyer’s cited concerns for why his trial must be appealed are invalid largely by citing that he’s Atomwaffen Division and a big bad Nazi, along with the fact that he scares kikes and journalists and therefore deserves his unjust treatment. They even go so far as to defend blatantly rigging his trial by citing COVID statistics, and therefore that gives them the power to fuck with Kaleb’s trial in their favor as they see fit.

It comes as a shock to no one that the two individuals representing the system here are Assistant US Attorney Jonas Lerman (a kike) and US Attorney Nicholas W. Brown (a nigger). Pictures of both individuals, plus links to information about them, will be provided below.

Individuals involved with Kaleb’s Case:

Assistant US Attorney Jonas Lerman:

According to his LinkedIn page, Jonas Lerman is a kike who works as an Assistant US Attorney for the Western District of Washington and graduated from UC Berkeley Law School. According to GoodReads, he also co-authored a book in 2011 about the release and resettlement of inmates from Guantanamo Bay Prison Camp in Cuba as well.

It is so nice to know that Jonas here cares deeply about the human rights of imprisoned suspected Islamic insurgents who were released due to various circumstances. However, according to him and his nigger boss, Kaleb Cole is a danger to society because he allegedly made some artwork for some edgy posters that contained no threats on them. If Kaleb’s name was Khalid, then maybe Jonas and friends would be cutting him some slack, but nah, Kaleb is White, therefore Kaleb must have the jail thrown on him.

Oh also, we’re more than willing to bet in that book of his, he whines and cries about Abu and friends not getting fair trials (like most liberal/leftist complaints about Guantanamo Bay go) yet it’s okay for Jonas and his nigger boss to blatantly rig the jury by barring unvaxxed jurors, among other exceptions, to make sure that only left-leaning individuals sit on the jury because “Dude COVID numbers lmao”. We weren’t expecting a fair trial for Kaleb, but this is just a parody at this point. Let us move onto Jonas’s nigger boss now.

US Attorney Nicholas W. Brown:

Meet the US Attorney for the Western District of Washington, Nicholas W. Brown. The last name really fits considering his complexion here. So this nigger doesn’t have much to him like Jonas does, however what makes him very interesting here is his connections to US Senators which even Wikipedia mentioned is what got him this job to begin with.

Most of his career it seems is with the US Military courts over that of US Federal courts. So not much to really note with that. He was also on a reality TV show in 2001 as well. He has a Twitter account too which can be found here, nothing really much on it though besides him posting about baseball and speaking events he’s attending.

All together, it seems that Nicholas W. Brown is just your average dull system bureaucrat.

Legal Documents:

Here are the two documents below that are the US Justice Department’s response to Kaleb’s appeals. The first document is text. The second is exhibits and evidence to support the first document, along with things such as a list of witnesses during Kaleb’s trial (with Joshua Sutter and FBI Agent Christopher Leckinger having their slots redacted). Read them. Share them. Do whatever you like with them. However, fair warning, as these documents are a bore to read.

Mostly just whining and crying about Kaleb Cole being the biggest meanie Nazi to ever walk the Earth. Mostly likely, Jonas was the one who wrote these since they are just filled with stuff only a kike would whine and cry about. To those wanting to study these documents for information or whatever, have fun.

Document 1

Document 2

In Conclusion:

We hope nothing but the best of luck for Kaleb Cole’s appeals against these unjust charges and the unjust treatment he received during his trial. While our hopes are obviously very low, it is similar to how there were low hopes for Ohio Klan Leader Clarence Brandenburg in his case against the State of Ohio when he was arrested for advocating that US government officials be assassinated.

Yet despite that, through his appeals, he won. Now, Brandenburg v. Ohio is one of the most famous cases in US Supreme Court history. However, our hopes are still pretty low, especially with how underhanded the system is being against Kaleb here. Despite this, we’ll continue to march on, march on to victory!

Hail Victory! Hail Kaleb Cole!