US Marine From Maryland Found To Have Been Torturing And Raping Animals And Got Charged For It

Sean Patrick Kraese, aka QuantumKitty, as he is known in zoophile circles, has been charged in the state of Maryland on a felony charge of aggravated animal cruelty. He was released the same day on a $1,500 bond. According to the St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Department, they originally initiated a search warrant on Sean, finding that he attempted to delete the evidence of him raping and torturing the animals on his property off of his phone by simply deleting them.

Of course, the St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Department had no issue recovering this evidence, as well as, according to neighbors, the County Sheriffs had removed carcasses of dead deer and hamsters that Sean had probably been having sex with. Sean, in a photo provided by a neighbor of his, had a sheep in his backyard as well that he most likely was also raping and torturing. The sheep according to neighbors, was also covered in feces. Picture of the sheep below.

Neighbors also claim that there was a second man at this property that was from the military base that Sean was serving at as a US Marine. Though these claims of a second man involved have yet to be proven, based on Sean’s appearance, if he had any criminal partners, he’d sell them out to avoid the three years in prison mandated by his criminal charge.

On Sean’s Twitter, which can be seen here (with an archive here), he openly discusses his attraction to male deer and other similar animals. So the claims of dead deer carcasses in his home that he was allegedly having sex with aren’t out of the realm of possibility.

If you want to read more about Sean’s degenerate behavior, you can read his Kiwifarms thread here, which gives sources for his degenerate behaviors that have been well documented for years. According to a source of ours in Maryland, due to how they structure animal abuse laws, especially that of animal sexual abuse, in the State of Maryland, Sean can’t plead down from this.Sure, he can plead his way out of prison time; however, he’ll still have a felony on his record, and he’ll most likely be added to the sex offender list as well..

Seeing as the St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Department had leaked out most of the gruesome details of the case to local newspapers in his area, this is a tactic by police who are planning to take an individual to trial rather than have them plead out to ensure a conviction. It doesn’t help that his area is very conservative and very religious; in fact, they’re very proud of the fact that their county is named after the mother of Jesus. So they’re not going to be merciful to an open and proud animal torturer and rapist on a jury trial.

From other sources, we’ve also been told that Sean would more than likely be killed if he goes to prison by other inmates, as many prisons, including Maryland’s, treat animal sexual abuse the same as child sexual abuse. Seeing as the sheriffs who arrested him are gearing up for a jury trial, it’s not going to be a fun time for Sean.

Don’t worry, Maryland’s liberals and leftists are going to be changing the laws to legalize animal sexual abuse as they feel these laws are too strict. So that’s cool and totally not disgusting. Glad to know that these people care about the rights of animal torturers and rapists while advocating for everyone who says nigger to be buried under the jail. Don’t you just love living in this society?