Terrorgram Fan Kills Two Fags In Bratislava Then Kills Himself (Manifesto Included For Download)

A NS Slovak by the name of Juraj K., a 19-year-old Slovakian, decided to open fire on two gay men outside of a gay bar in Bratislava, Slovakia. Killing both men and injuring a female bar tender inside from a stray bullet. This prompted him to make fun of the situation and schizophrenics on Twitter and 4chan’s /pol/, claiming he was a fed op. Later ending the situation by killing himself.

It’s a shame that this had happened to such a young man; obviously his heart was in the right place, but anyone can agree that two gay men are not worth the life of any young National Socialist such as Juraj here. While him making fun of individuals lying about him in real time is very funny, him taking his own life and having two random homosexuals to show for it is just sad.

It’s truly a tragedy in many respects that we live in such a state of western civilization that individuals such as Juraj waste their lives like this due to the extreme circumstances we find ourselves in today. Cases such as these however will only grow more and more as time goes on. It’s just an inevitability of reaction to system policies.

For the purposes for informational and journalism, his manifesto will be provided below:

Click here to download the PDF