Nearly One Billion Snow Crabs Disappear In The Bering Sea, Niggers Devastated

Nearly one billion snow crabs have disappeared in the Bering Sea off the coast of Alaska with no official reason why, with some blaming disease or maybe even Chinese environmental piracy. The Alaskan Department of Fish and Game has now banned fishing for crab in the Bering Sea as a result. Either way, niggers who frequent Chinese buffets and Red Lobster lusting after their soggy overcooked Snow Crab legs are not going to be happy with these developments.

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This is absolutely tragic and must be investigated to see how we can fix it, or else we may see another round of negro rioting. Instead of George Floyd, however, niggers will be rioting over Red Lobster prices going through the roof. This is a matter of national security, really. Time will tell how these developments continue, but this is just another bump in the road of progress for the American nigger.