Ukraine Attempts To Down Crimean Bridge With A Truck Bomb

The Ukrainian government used a truck bomb yesterday in an attempt to take down the Kerch Bridge, a vital bridge that connects Crimea to Russia and is vital for much of Russia’s logistics for its military. Although the truck bomb itself didn’t seem to have taken down the bridge, it caused a lot of damage to it, causing some fuel tanks on a nearby passing train to explode as well as killing three people.

The exact details of the truck bombing in terms of how it was accomplished are unclear, however, besides the infrastructure damage. This attack has damaged morale within the Russian Federation as well, as if attacks such as this can occur within places considered perfectly safe, then nothing is safe. These aftereffects show the effects of attacks and why the damage doesn’t just stop when the attack stops.

The Kerch Bridge, along with other forms of vital Russian infrastructure, will only be attacked further by Ukraine as a way to hinder Russia’s war effort. Obviously, it goes without saying that these attacks should be studied to see how their aftereffects affect Russia in the long term, especially with Ukraine stepping up its attacks on all important forms of Russian infrastructure.

We will be keeping an eye on this situation as it develops.

Video of the bridge blast and the aftermath: