Iranian Protests Heat Up, CIA And Mossad Get Involved

Protests heating up in Iran this past month over Iranian Police beating to death some woman for not wearing her hijab correctly. Causing many mass protests by Social Democrats and Liberals in Iran, including many riots. The Islamic Republic has responded with further crackdowns and violence against the protestors as a result.

These protests are strikingly similar to the 2011 Arab Spring protests supported by Western intelligence. Which caused many countries, especially in North Africa and countries like Syria, to implode. The former Secretary of State at the time, Hillary Clinton, openly bragged about US involvement, especially in the case of the overthrow of the late leader of Libya, Muammar Gaddafi, in which NATO instigated a color revolution against him, leading to a short civil war and his death.

We can see very similar things here with the protests in Iran, which are openly supported by both Israel and the United States. While we do not support the Islamic Republic of Iran because of their anti-racist and even pro-transvestite beliefs, with Iran ranking second in the world for sexual re-assignment surgeries and the current Supreme Leader of Iran tweeting his hatred of Pro-White Americans on Twitter while proudly posting a picture of him with a nigger baby.

It is obvious that these protests are not natural; they are a minority in Iran and are being used by the United States and Israel in an attempt at a color revolution in order to re-install the pro-US and pro-Israel government that Iran had before 1979 with the Shah. It’s the same game that Iran plays when it supports various organizations within the Middle East and beyond to serve its interests.

However, if Iran collapses in the same way that Libya or Syria did, it will result in the largest implosion in Middle Eastern history, which could have two consequences. First, because Iran is a major oil-producing nation, if Iran collapses, the global oil price will go up dramatically. Second, if the Islamic Republic sees any serious chance of collapsing. They will, out of spite, launch rockets at the Gulf States’ oil fields. Something they’ve already stated they’re willing to do prior. Which will cause the global oil supply to collapse.

So it seems that both the United States and Israel here are playing with fire with these Iran protests, since if any serious collapse happens in Iran, it will cause chaos in the global oil economy. However, Israel especially has been adamant in supporting the Iranian protests, even putting out government commercials rallying Israelis to fund and instigate the protests in Iran. Updates on this situation remain to be seen.