Brazilian Elections Enter Run-Off, Possible Future Brazilian Civil War

It seems the recent round of elections in Brazil between Jair Bolsonaro, a reactionary evangelical, and Lula de Silva, a leftist social democrat, has resulted in the elections entering a run-off as tensions in Brazil simmer with supporters of Bolsonaro even gunning down Lula supporters in their homes. This comes as Bolsonaro himself, the current President of Brazil, has implied that his lose will result in a return to Brazil’s reactionary military junta from decades past.

A regime that Bolsonaro was a part of as a military officer with many in his cabinet having even stronger ties to the Brazilian military junta of the past. With Bolsonaro’s Vice President, Hamilton MourĂ£o, openly stating over the past several years that a military coup and a re-establishment of the military junta might be needed.

Which of course it is more than likely that Bolsonaro is going to lose the vote, mostly due to his poor decision making and other glaring issues such as the massive environmental damage he approved of against the Amazon rainforest, rightfully leaving many Brazilians angry. As a consequence it is largely suspected at this lose, even according to Bolsonaro himself, that the Brazilian military would step in to support Bolsonaro in re-establishing a military junta over Brazil again.

This will lead to a Brazilian civil war, especially since there is already blood being shed in the streets of Brazil already over this election. While we don’t support either candidate, due to Bolsonaro being nothing more than if Donald Trump was born in Brazil and became a military officer along with the facts over Bolsonaro allowing the destruction of the Amazon rainforest. Along with Lula de Silva, a leftist corrupt pig who was caught enriching himself on state funds with his friends and business allies.

The collapse of Brazil would still be a good thing. First being that it would severely screw over the global citrus and beef trade, something that Brazil is one of the biggest exporters of. Causing many kike businesses to collapse in on themselves. Beyond that, it’d allow for White parts of Brazil such as South Brazil to gain independence from the mud race shitheap that is the rest of Brazil.

We will look on as this situation updates further, however it appears that Brazil might collapse due to the chaos of these current rounds of elections. We only hope for the best.