125 Gooks Dead In Indonesia After A Brawl At A Soccer Game

125 gooks are dead after fans of two rival soccer teams clashed in a stadium in Indonesia. As usual in many third-world non-White countries, it seems that they’re ready to kill each other over the most petty of things, in this case a soccer match in which the gooks fought over who has the best sports team, which led to a stampede that killed 125 and counting.

All this started due to one of the two teams losing the match and the fans of the losing team on one side of the stadium running over to beat up and kill the fans of the winning team. Many dying due to lack of oxygen due to too many people being in one singular area causing the oxygen supply to deplete. In order to maintain control, the Indonesian police had to fill the area with tear gas, which we’re sure didn’t do anyone currently suffocating from lack of oxygen any favors.

This is lining up quickly to become one of the deadliest, if not the deadliest, mass deaths at a soccer game in human history. It’s expected to even outdo Latin American mass deaths relating to soccer, which is quite the accomplishment since spics don’t screw around when it comes to their obsession with soccer and willingness to murder soccer fans who don’t like their favorite team of rich negros.

The non-White third world can be absurdist in how insane things can get. It just goes to show how inferior non-White races are to Whites around the world.