Crypto-Fascist Elected In Italy

From the recent elections in Italy, it seems that crypto-fascist Giorgia Meloni has taken power as the new Prime Minister of Italy. Representing the Brothers of Italy, a successor to the Italian neo-Fascist National Alliance which itself is a successor of the Italian Social Movement which itself is a successor to Mussolini’s Fascist Party.

The Brothers of Italy themselves use the flame logo from the Italian Social Movement as their official logo, the logo itself being a reference to Benito Mussolini himself. Obviously the Brothers of Italy political party isn’t equal in ideology to us. In fact, they’re moderates and reformists within our movement, not revolutionaries like us. However despite this doesn’t mean this isn’t something to celebrate.

The Brothers of Italy, and especially that of Giorgia Meloni, have openly stated their intentions to end non-White immigration to Italy as well as abolishing days such as the national holiday celebrating the US Military “liberating” Italy and instead replacing it with a holiday celebrating Italy’s victory in WW1. Along with other promises such as making homosexuality illegal within the Italian Constitution and more.

While, of course, there are things we do disagree on, such as Meloni not going hard on the jewish question and alike. Historically, Italian Fascists have never been hard on that anyway, but there are people within the Brothers of Italy who are sympathetic to such views. We also like that Meloni is anti-Russia and anti-China as well and find that to be an excellent development. As we’re sick of far-right political leaders in Europe kowtowing to Russia and China.

This is also a good development, as historically, whenever the Italian crypto-Fascists have gained any significant popularity, it has allowed more revolutionary and open aspects of the Italian Fascist movement to grow and allowed them to operate more freely. Such as the New Order, which was an Italian fascist paramilitary that was founded by the leader of the Italian Social Movement in 1956. Which committed many bombings and assassinations relating to Italian leftists, Italian banks, Italian jewish elites, etc.

Now that the successor to the Italian Social Movement has taken power in Italy. So, we might see an uptick in revolutionary Italian fascists given the green-light now that a sympathetic government has been formed. This will especially happen if, like during the Years of Lead in the 1960s, leftist groups start committing terrorist attacks in Italy themselves over the anger of a crypto-fascist taking power in Italy. So this gives public sympathy and justification towards revolutionary fascists to do the same back

Hopefully this election will turn up the already volatile climate in Europe even further, which only benefits our cause in the end. While we hold firm that there is no reform and no way to vote our way out of this system, it is always good to see developments such as this that push our ends even further towards revolution.

What truly happens remains to be seen, but we hope for the best.