Canadian High School Defends Pervert Transvestite Teacher For Wearing Giant Fake Boobs As A Fetish In Front Of Students

A Canadian high school in Ontario sent out a mass email to parents defending a transvestite wood shop teacher who has received media attention for wearing absurdly large fake breasts as part of a fetish and wearing them in front of students. In a mass email, the high school defended this individual’s apparent right to wear sexual fetish gear in front of young students, as can be read below.

So I suppose under Canadian law, wearing fetish gear in front of your students as a teacher is a human right. Get with the times, Grandma! If some weirdo wants to flash you children, you better be the ones prying their eyes open so as not to go against a faggot’s human rights to do that. A reminder that in Canada, we’re a banned terrorist organization. Despite the fact that we haven’t done any harm whatsoever in Canada besides having some mean opinions. Yet despite this, transvestites wear fetish gear in front of their young students? Nope, not harmful at all! In fact, it’s a human right to do that!

This is just more of an argument for why you should home school your kids. Since if you’re not going to raise them, the system sure will. This is a bigger issue because most Western families today are just glorified bed and breakfasts for kids. The parents don’t raise their children; Spongebob, the internet, and public schools do that, and yet so many get shocked when their kids turn out to be fuckups when they didn’t even put in the time into raising them and allowed the system to raise them.

With this news, we wouldn’t be shocked if, in the next five years, it’ll be normal for faggot teachers to molest their students in full view, and there isn’t anything you can say against it. In fact, like we saw with the Kiwifarms debacle, it’s soon getting to the point where if you discuss any faggotry related issues around grooming, pedophilia, etc., then the system will shut you down, shut you up, and ruin your life. This is the world we live in. This is the future we chose.