National Action Get A TV Show

Stephen Graham will star in a new ITV drama based on the story of National Action, the famous terrorist group that has never been responsible for a terror attack. The Quadroon Graham plays the role of traitor and National Front mole Matthew Collins trying to infiltrate National Action and place a plant inside the group. Collins also runs the Intelligence for antifascist outfit “Hope not Hate” (a/k/a Dope not Soap), pro-state leftist outfit that runs incendiary articles on white activists trying to get them prosecuted. HnH has directly provided material for state prosecution several times and defamed activists despite of gag-order by the courts during proceedings, but this has always been ignored by the ZOG that is glad to have leftists do their work for them.

The story focuses on Graham turning a National Action activist into a mole and exposing a supposed plot to behead a liberal politician with a sword. HnH informant recorded NA activists drunkenly fedposting in a bar and relayed the recording to the police which led to life imprisonment of recorded activists. Every reader of the Futurist can judge for themselves how realistic a plan to chop off the head of a politician with a gladius is. This is a good reminder of the words of the Commander who said that one must act like he is recorded all the time, as you functionally are. But who hasn’t ever gone off about politicians while having a couple of pints with friends? Prosecution would have collapsed immediately if the accused wasn’t a National Socialist, and UK courts presuppose every NS is a terrorist, so prosecution is merely a formality. The fact you’re involved with National Action makes you doubly guilty.

However bleak the reality is, we expect a barrel of laughs as the entire series is based on previous facts, and we’re to be on the edge of our seats as the NA guys who put a banana in the hand of the Nelson Mandela statue are depicted as ISIS-esque terrorist masterminds.

The ITV drama will air from Monday, October 3, with the remaining four episodes then being shown weekly.